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How Early Can You Mow Your Lawn on Sunday?

Sunday is a day of rest, but for some of us, it’s the only day we have to cut our grass. Some people like to wake up early and get their lawn done before the day begins. While it might be the best time for you, it might not be the best for the grasses and neighbors.

Some cities have bye-laws that prohibit using mowers at certain times. If you live in one of these cities, it’s best to tread carefully to avoid legal issues.

This article will educate you on all you need to know about mowing on Sundays. You’d understand why and why not you should cut your lawns at certain times and the implications.

Advantages of Mowing Your Lawn on a Sunday

If you’re the type that works during the week, Sunday is a good day to carry out your home maintenance and cut your grass. It would help you keep your lawn clean and fresh for the week.

You’d have a lot of time to work on the grasses and be able to care for them in the best possible way. If you’re the type that follows the weather forecast and discovers that it might rain during the week, your lawn would have time to dry out before it starts.

Man cutting the grass with lawn mower

Disadvantages of Mowing Your Lawn on a Sunday

Just like there are advantages, there are also disadvantages to cutting your grass on Sunday. One of the topmost disadvantages, which you might’ve guessed, is that it can disturb your neighbors. Most families use Sunday to rest and recharge for the new work week.

You won’t be in their good book if all you’re disturbing them with your loud lawn mower. Things might get more severe if the neighbors have kids. These kids might have set time for napping, and no parent would want you to disturb that.

96db noise warning on side of a lawn mower

Most communities have noise bye-laws. These laws state that homeowners shouldn’t make disturbing noise around certain hours, usually 11 pm to 7 am. You might get into trouble if you make these noises at the prohibited time. Therefore, you should understand your city’s bye-laws and avoid clashing with them.

The disadvantages of mowing during weekends aren’t only about your neighbors. Weekends or Sundays are usually a day for worship and relaxation. If all you have on your mind is how to get the perfect lawn, you’ll do so but miss out on all the goodies the weekend has to offer.

Therefore, if possible, you should get a suitable time (not Sunday) to mow your weekend. Then, you’ll have a good-looking lawn while spending quality time with your family.

When is the Best Time to Mow Your Lawn on Sunday?

Not all the 24 hours in a day are appropriate for mowing. Understand that aside from disturbing your neighbors, there are times that are unhealthy for your grasses.

Early Morning (6-8 am)

Early morning is one of the best times to mow your grasses because of the dew. The blades will be wet, and one of the worst things you can do to your lawn is cut it when it’s wet. If you mow wet lawns, it can expose them to fungi and other infections. Plus, your mower’s blade would have trouble cutting the grasses level, which can give your yard a poor look.

This time is also the worst if you’re to consider your neighbors. Most people are still in their beds. If they’re not, they won’t want to be disturbed.

Late Morning (10 am-12 noon)

Late morning is the best time that you can mow your grass. The grasses would’ve dried from the morning dew and will have had time to heal from the cut throughout the day.

Late morning isn’t the best time to mow if you have neighbors. Most are still getting ready for the day, and cutting your grass can hinder them. However, you should be okay cutting your grasses anytime above 11 pm.

woman wearing noise blockers is operating a lawnmover

Early Afternoon(12 noon-3 pm)

Early afternoon is also not a good time to cut the lawn because the sun is at its peak, and mowing dry grass isn’t a good idea. You could get tired when cutting your grasses at this time if you use a push mower. While your neighbors may not complain, it’s not the best time for other reasons.

Late Afternoon (3 pm-5 pm)

Late afternoon is another good time to mow your lawn if you’re not chanced to do so late morning. The grasses wouldn’t be too dry, and they’ll have time to heal before nightfall. Your neighbors would probably be home, but they’d understand you must care for your home. You have every right to cut your grass at this time.

Nighttime (After 6 pm)

You should avoid mowing your lawn at night, even on weekdays. Most people will try to sleep; a working lawnmower is the last thing they want to hear. Visibility is another issue, mandating your need for a lawnmower with decent headlights. It’s illegal to mow during nighttime in most areas of the US, and you might get in trouble with the law.

Tips For Mowing Your Lawn on Sunday

If you must mow on Sunday, some tips could help you do it better.

1. Communicate With Your Neighbors

The first and arguably the most essential is to communicate with your neighbors. When you do so, you’d understand their timing so that you can work out the hours at which you can mow. Enquire if they have kids as well. They would be happy to help you create a good time if they see you’re considering their convenience.

2. Use an Electric or Push Reel Mower

The type of mower that you use could help when you mow on Sundays. Conventional gas-powered mowers make the most noise, around 95 decibels. However, gas-powered mowers make less noise (75 decibels) and could help when you mow Sundays. If you have a small yard, you can invest in a push reel mower, which requires physical effort.

3. Mow At a Reasonable Time

You should mow at a reasonable time. 11 am-5 pm is the best time to mow on Sundays. Neighbors who wake late won’t be disturbed by your mower noises, and you won’t have to upset Sunday dinners if you don’t cut the grass after 5 pm.

How Early Can I Mow on Sunday?

If we’re to factor in your grass health and neighbor welfare considerations, 10-11 am is the earliest time that you should mow your lawn on Sundays. Your neighbors would’ve woken up from their morning sleep, and you’d be free to operate your machines. Also, you won’t risk cutting your grass at an unhealthy time.

Understand that the early mowing time on Sunday is subject to where you live and the type of neighbors you have. If you live in a vicinity without any houses near you, you can mow earlier than that if you want. You can also trim your grasses earlier if your neighbors are okay.

It’s imperative to understand that Sunday is not a special day regarding the right and wrong time to cut your grass. For residential homeowners, you can mow your lawn any day of the week if it’s within the stipulated time frame. Most people are skeptical about when and when not to mow on Sundays because of the neighbors.


You can mow your lawn as early as you want on Sundays, but only if you don’t reside in a well-habited location. If you have many residential houses near you, chances are high that the earliest you can mow will be as late as 11 am. It could be earlier if you speak to your neighbor, and they have no problem with it.

Remember that you can also mow at another period on Sunday if the early mowing time isn’t okay with you. Late afternoon is your best bet if you can’t meet up with the early mowing time. You can mow in the early afternoon if the weather is right and the sun isn’t too hot.

No matter the time you mow on Sunday, it’s all about having a lawn you can be proud of. Put in your all and use a mower with good blades to ensure an admirable cut. The hassle of figuring out the perfect time to mow your lawn won’t be worth it if you have a subpar result.

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