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When Do Lawn Mowers Go On Sale at Lowes & Home Depot?

Most times, predicting the exact period you will need a new mower can seem impossible. Lawnmowers can cost anything from hundreds of dollars for a basic lawn mower to several thousand dollars for a vast motorized lawn mower.

If you are on a restricted budget, you might be interested in discovering when lawnmowers go on sale that can save you hundreds of dollars. Lowes, Home Depot, and other popular big box stores offer these bargains.

It’s important to remember that pricing significantly determines whether to purchase a lawn mower. However, when exactly do these lawnmowers go up on sale?

This article carefully covers the Lowe’s clearance lawn mowers sale and Home Depot lawn mower sale periods and suggestions you should consider when buying a lawn mower.

When Lawn Mowers go on sale at Lowes & Home Depot

Retailers like Lowes and Home Depot frequently offer discounted lawnmowers when they have to sell them off. This situation often occurs in the Spring before the beginning of a cutting season.

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Other times include the Fall following the season or on special occasions like Christmas and Father’s Day. During the peak cutting season, you usually won’t discover a lawnmower at a discount in these shops.


Similar to vehicle sales, lawn mower producers release new models every season. To improve their profit margins, they offer these products for more money after adding additional features enhanced towards better performance or simplicity of use.

To upsell the products available at the store, wholesalers must sell the older models to make room for the more expensive new mowers. However, which method of sales strategy works most effectively in this situation? Price reduction!

Therefore, for producers and distributors like Home Depot to capitalize on the market, you will notice that lawnmowers are available more often in the Spring. Since the winter has been so lengthy, some folks may have relocated or had damage occur to their stored mowers over time.

When demand is high, bulk sales provide more significant financial potential. For this reason, you can get your lawn mower in the Spring at an affordable price. However, others may require a new lawn mower because of one reason or another.


Early Fall is the primary year to purchase a lawn mower since the lower temperatures prevent grass from growing till the following Spring. Although spending a lot of money on something you won’t use for several months sounds illogical, your bank account will appreciate it.

You’ll likely find excellent savings on items like fertilizers and grass seeds. Retailers like Lowes reduce prices to eliminate their spring and summer yard maintenance inventory during this period.

Most customers will almost not purchase a mower in the Fall without incentive. Who wants to keep a brand-new lawn mower all winter? Homeowners usually have valid concerns about this purchase in the Fall, but only until a price reduction makes it virtually impossible for them to forgo purchasing the mower in the Fall.

Moving lawnmowers in the Fall or winter offers a win-win situation since homeowners may save money on a necessary item, and wholesalers can free up space to exhibit more timely goods.

Tips to Consider when Buying a Lawnmower

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Now that you know when Lowe’s and Home Depot have lawn mower sales, you will undoubtedly need buying advice to make the right choice.

1. Size

Checking your lawn’s size should be your priority before purchasing the ideal lawn mower for your garden. To choose the appropriate mower, consider the yard’s size.

Gas self-propelled mowers are preferable for bigger yards, while electric or gas push mowers are preferable for smaller yards.

2. Stay in Touch with Your Local Repair Person

Exploring local maintenance specialists is crucial because most retailers only maintain the lawnmowers they sell in-store, and other large box retailers don’t service everything they offer. In this manner, you can guarantee that if you require repairs, you can do it swiftly, economically, and competently.

3. Field Test

When buying a second-hand mower, it is essential to do a comprehensive field test. It’s crucial always to check that the mower cuts grass, the drive functions, there are no unusual clunking or screeching noises, and the handlebar is not excessively vibrating.

4. Examine Carefully

With relation to second-hand mowers, this is especially crucial. A few photos or looks can’t fully describe a piece of equipment, and you need to understand precisely what you’re getting for your money.

Switch it on, look intently at all the crucial components, and check how it sounds. You should be satisfied with the lawn mower you choose to acquire because it is an expense and an investment.

Now, you know the best time to buy a new lawn mower, particularly if your present mower is nearing the end of its useful life. The lawn mower on sale at Lowes and Home Depot could have you buying a mower at a discount of over 20%, one of the best deals you can get.

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