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How to Make a Lawn Mower Go 30 MPH or Faster

Lawnmowers aren’t designed to be extremely fast because their primary job is to cut your lawn. The fastest riding mower currently only has a maximum speed of around 15 mph.

It isn’t impossible to make your mower go faster if you want, but you’ll have to alter some components. This article will teach tips and tricks to make your lawn mower reach 30 Mph.

Why is your Mower engine Slow?

As hinted at earlier, lawnmowers aren’t meant to be fast. If your mower is slower than it should be, it could be due to a spark plug misfire or carburetor problems. Lack of maintenance can also make the machine to be unnecessarily slow.

The type of mower that you use for your lawn can affect its speed. If you use small mowers for big fields, it can be hard to get maximum speed. Use heavy hydrostatic machines for big and strong grasses.

Can you make a Mower Faster?

You can regulate the speed of your lawn mower through a throttle control lever. The lever is on your mower’s handlebar, and you can adjust the speed by moving it back or forth.

Pushing the throttle forward will increase the speed while pushing it back will decrease it.

Most lawn mower models have a turtle icon for ”slow” and a rabbit icon for ”fast.” Depending on your machine type, the indicator might change, but it’ll be easy to understand.

How to Make a Lawn Mower Go 30 MPH

While you can make a lawn mower go 30 MPH in many ways, here are some of the most effective.

1. Check the Oil

mower oil replacement

The oil is one of the most crucial aspects you should pay attention to concerning your lawnmowers. Ensure that you always oil the engine. If you generously grease the engine, you can use the mowers comfortably.

It’s essential to always use the manufacturer’s recommended oil type for your engine. Using the wrong one might be disastrous, which you wouldn’t want. If you’re unsure about the oil type to use, contact a repairer to put you through.

2. Change the Wheels

The size of your lawn mower’s wheels can directly impact its speed. It’s imperative to ensure you use the best quality wheels to make the mower faster.

A proven hack that can help improve your speed is to install larger ones. Larger wheels will enable them to cut swiftly and firmly through the grass. However, getting a giant wheel might cause torque issues.

3. Change or Sharpen the Blades

A lawn mower can only do a decent job with sharp blades because old or blunt blades can’t cut through grasses easily. You can fix this issue by buying newer blades to replace the old ones.

Lawn mower blades

Buy blades from a spare part store and do the job yourself. You can also take the machine to a qualified technician to help you fix it. Alternatively, you can sharpen the existing blades if you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a new one.

Sharpening the blade will only work if it’s in usable condition. If you sharpen old blades, it won’t take long to go blunt again.

4. Increase the Size of the Pulleys

Your engine pulley and belts directly impact the speed of your lawn mower. Increasing the pulley size is one of the best ways to make your lawn mower go 30 Mph.

Also, you might want to ensure the belts are in good condition. Since both parts work together, changing the pulleys and repairing the belts in one go is easy.

5. Check the Air Filters

Manufacturers place air filters in lawnmowers to help prevent dust and debris from getting into the engine. Too much dust and debris in the air filters may cause them to clog, and the filters won’t function well if it happens. Luckily, a simple air filter cleaning can remove the clog and bring everything back to normal.

Different lawnmowers can have different types of air filters. Therefore, it’s essential to buy one that fits your machine. If the air filter is damaged, you can purchase a new one.

6. Perform Routine Maintenance on the machine

There may be many tips to make your lawn mower go 30 Mph, but it all comes down to routine maintenance. Your lawn mower is a combination of different individual parts combined. If any of these parts have a problem, it will hinder its performance.

Therefore it’s essential to maintain the machine adequately. Ensure that you inspect the different parts before using them and repair the ones that need fixing. Regular inspection of your mower will make it easier to detect serious faults before they manifest and eradicate them.

Final Remarks

A slow lawn mower can be frustrating, especially when working on a large lawn. While having a faster mower is advantageous, an exceedingly fast one is harder to navigate. Despite that, you might need a speedy mower to transport the machine from one location to another.

If the above tips look complex, don’t hesitate to check the lawnmower’s instructions manual to help.

Also, you can take the machine to a qualified technician. The technician can even give you other practical tips on increasing your mower’s speed.

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