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calories burned mowing the lawn

How Many Calories Can You Burn Mowing the Lawn?

There are plenty of ways to exercise and keep in shape, but if you mention lawn mowing, you’ll probably get a few cold stares.

However, mowing the lawn is as intensive as it gets because it is a physical activity, regardless of the type of mower. Even sitting on an electric mower cutting your grass will take some effort.

If you don’t have any plans to hit the gym and have a lawn to care for, mowing can shave off those extra calories. So how many calories will you burn mowing your lawn? This article has the perfect answers!

Does Mowing Count as Good Exercise?

It sure does. However, many factors determine how good an exercise lawn mowing is and how many calories you burn. Here are some of them:

  • The type of lawnmower used makes a big difference. For example, a gas-powered mower is different from an electric one. Also, a riding mower will require less effort than a push mower.
  • The mower’s weight also determines how much energy you put into it. For example, it will be challenging if a mower packs over 100kg (it could be more).
  • You also have to consider your body weight and fitness level. Both will contribute to the amount of calories you burn.
  • There’s the terrain or landscape you want to mow. Depending on how large and rugged the terrain is, you might encounter more challenges, leading to more burned calories.

Generally, mowing the lawn provides some quality cardio exercise.

How many Calories are Burned to mow your Lawn?

Mowing is a demanding activity and can see a person burn about 250-350 calories per hour. The average person can burn between 350 and 450 calories an hour using a push mower for a single hour. Also, a ride-on mower can see you burn more than 150 calories an hour.

With the figures above, mowing twice a week at two-hour periods can see you burn more than a thousand calories. These figures suggest that lawn mowing is an excellent physical activity to help burn calories. Chop off those high grasses instead of going to the gym or trying other challenging exercises.

Mowing grass in the summer

Which Lawnmower Helps You Burn More Calories?

As mentioned above, there are different mowers, but most people must choose between riding and pushing. Also, the type of mower used greatly affects the burned calories. However, if you want to burn even more calories, choose a push mower.

Push mowers can help you burn more than 350 calories per hour. Contrast that with sitting on a riding mower and burning about a hundred calories in an hour.

You have to steer, but a push mower offers a better exercise method. It works virtually every body part, including your arms, core, and legs. Your brain also gets involved; knowing when to turn, how high, and navigating push mowers takes some concentration.

If you have a busy schedule, don’t waste money on a gym membership; use a mower to tune up.

Other Benefits of Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn allows you to exercise moderately, leading to burnt calories. However, that’s not all you get. Here are other significant health benefits of mowing:

Improves Your Mood and Mental Health

The outdoors naturally provides a scenic space, sunlight, and fresh air you will appreciate. Add mowing to that, and you get a mood booster. Since mowing requires you to walk back and forth, the activity can also help to improve your mental well-being.

That Sense of Accomplishment

Have you ever felt accomplished for work well done? After mowing your lawn, your sense of accomplishment is worth your effort. There’s great satisfaction in seeing your home clean with well-manufactured green grass.

Reduced Stress Levels

Sometimes, getting out there and mowing your lawn is best when you feel tired or choked with activities. With the mower moving across the lawn and the outdoors, you can experience a soothing effect on your mind and body. When you feel stressed, take a break outside and mow your lawn.

Save Some Money

Well, you’ll have some change left when you mow by yourself. There’s no one to pay for the services. You can use such funds for other activities around your home.

Man mowing lawn on a hill

Burn Calories while Mowing: Helpful Tips

The following tips will help you stay safe and burn calories appropriately while mowing:

  1. It’s best to avoid sweltering weather conditions, especially if using a push mower on your lawn.
  2. Try mowing in straight lines rather than back and forth so you do not waste your energy with unnecessary turns.
  3. Stay hydrated during the process. Frequent breaks will help you avoid overheating, particularly if you have a large mowing area. If it’s a hot day, drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn.
  4. Wear proper clothing. This way, you get adequate ventilation and protection outdoors.
  5. Take your time to make the rounds on your lawn. If you rush, you might make costly mistakes, such as bad cuts that affect your grass.
  6. Use the proper posture techniques while mowing your lawn. This will help you avoid injuries while the task gets easier to complete.


Mowing your lawn is a safe way to exercise and burn calories. As you’ve seen, other benefits include reduced stress levels, improved mental health, and more. You can comfortably burn over 250 calories per hour spent outdoors mowing your lawn.

Now that you know this, do not ignore the tips provided here. Staying hydrated, using the proper posture, and other tips, will keep you safe.

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