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What Do You Call Someone Who Mows Lawns?

What Do You Call Someone Who Mows Lawns?

Keeping your lawn in perfect condition takes some effort. That’s because many factors affect grass growth, such as the weather, the type of grass, and much more.

Handling them yourself can be challenging when things get out of your control. For this reason, many homeowners opt for extra hands to mow their lawns and provide essential care.

But what do you call someone that mows or cuts your lawn? Indeed, they have a tag you can call them. If you’re considering hiring one, you must read this article to the end.

What Do You Call a Person Who Mows Lawns?

Whether you hire a kid on a lazy Sunday or a professional from an established company, you’d want to know what to call them. Here are some common name tags for someone who mows lawns:

  • Landscaper
  • Greenskeeper
  • Groundsman
  • A lawn mower (this name tag was commonly used before the invention and widespread use of lawnmower machines)
  • Gardener
  • Groundskeeper

These are some of the most used tags for people that mow lawns. A particular name also suffices depending on your lactation and the type of service you want. For example, a landscaper can add definition to your lawn, other plants, and your yard. On the other hand, a Groundskeeper takes care of your lawn, making sure that it’s always pristine.

Why Should You Hire a Professional to Mow Your Lawn?

When you consider calling someone to mow your lawn, opting for a professional is best. Here are several reasons why:

1. Better Look and Curb Appeal

Beautiful green lawn in summer

Professional landscapers, gardeners, or groundskeepers often use the best professional landscaping equipment to make your yard look better. You’ll have your whole yard enhanced, better than you could do alone. Their equipment is specifically made for such jobs, rather than small hand tools like shovels or rakes.

Even if you have more advanced tools for your yard, a professional will handle it better than you.

2. Continuous Work

Alone, you’ll have a break for coffee or lemonade to refresh after working on your lawn. With a professional, things are slightly different because they plan, set materials aside, and know the exact equipment to use before the project. During work, they will take fewer breaks, if any.

In addition, expect pros to achieve more in hours or days simply because they have spent much time honing their lawn-cutting and landscaping skills.

3. Save Time and Effort

Man mowing grass

On Sundays or weekends, you probably want to let your hair down and rest, not spend time outdoors mowing your lawn. Hiring a lawn care professional will give you enough time to relax with friends and family. Also, a pro can do everything for you quickly and efficiently, so you don’t need to worry about it when life gets busy again.

You don’t have to constantly look over your shoulders or stand guard to endure everything goes as planned. A pro takes the burden off you so that you can rest and focus on other parts of your life.

4. No DIYs

Since you’re not mowing alone, there’s no need to worry about doing it wrong. You will struggle to mow your lawn as an amateur gardener or landscaper. However, a professional takes that worry away because they’re mostly ready to help, ensuring your property looks great.

Further, doing it yourself will likely cost more than hiring a professional because you will only watch.

5. Multiple Services

You called a professional to tend to your lawn, but it doesn’t just end at cutting grass. Many professionals go on to do other things that help you save time and resources. For example, a professional can help you with lawn maintenance, landscaping, mulching, snow removal, pest control, and more.

Should Kids Mow Your Lawn?

Sometimes, kids go around to find odd jobs after school hours, at weekends, or during the holidays. One such job is cutting the lawn.

Kids are allowed to do so but mainly mow over small areas. Some kids are okay with treats or just enough to see them buy their favorite snacks or save up for a bike they admire.

Should You Water Lawn Immediately After Mowing?

Watering grass at night

No, leaving the lawn after mowing or watering sometime before mowing is best. That’s because watering immediately after mowing can adversely affect your grass. Sometimes when you water immediately, your grass gets brown because the soil’s pH is acidic or the grass is too hot.

While pouring enough water will prevent long-term root damage, it won’t help the pH too much. Moreover, your lawn can also turn brown from dryness and too much exposure to sunlight. Watering is an excellent idea, but hold on for a little while before doing so.

Also, leave the grass clippings on the lawn instead of making attempts to rake them off. The clippings will decay and act as manure in the long run.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Professional

Before mowing your lawn, consider some essential factors before calling a professional. Some of them are explained here:

1. The Size of Your Yard

If you have a relatively small yard, there’s no need to worry much about the mower to hire. You’ll also be spending less than if you had a significant area to cover.

If your yard is big, it could take several days to cover and maintain. Even without asking you, a professional would want to know the size of your yard and negotiate accordingly. Save yourself the stress by having a good grasp of the size.

2. The Landscape of Your Yard

If you have a mostly even and flat yard, then there shouldn’t be too much stress going over it. However, even a professional will have to be at their best to navigate a yard with different sizes of hills and rugged landscapes.

Further, yards with small hills carry some risk for the professional and the machine, especially with stones and other materials lying around. You’re likely to part with more money if you have a difficult yard only a professional could effectively mow and maintain.

3. The Grass Type

The grass type matters a lot. You’re not growing weeds, so you need someone who won’t treat your yard as a field of weeds. If you plant straightforward carpet grass, it’s easier to mow and maintain. However, other types of grass and sod will require some level of expertise to mow.

Some mowing services and individuals have a proven track record of mowing lawns, ultimately leaving them in better condition after applying their mowing services.


From the article, there are many names to call someone that mows lawns. Landscapers, gardeners, and groundskeepers are some of them. Also, a typical lawn care services professional can go beyond your essential mowing services. They are skilled people who are good at tasks like mulching, weeding, brush removal, seasonal yard cleanup, etc.

Additionally, you can also gain services like landscape design and installation services. Several factors will determine the kind of expert you hire to mow your lawn, such as the yard size and landscape.

Now that you know this, it’s best to know what you want before hiring a professional or someone else to cut your lawn and maintain it. Ensure that they have enough knowledge to keep your lawn fresh and healthy.

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