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SB Mowing: The Lawn Care Company That Cares

You hear a knock on your door, and the person you see is as courteous as an angel, and then he asks to mow your yard for free! A lot goes into mowing the lawn and performing other lawn care tasks.

That includes an average of $40 to $75 for lawn mowing. However, SB mowing does not charge homeowners; he spots a need, especially with bushy and unkempt areas, then mows them.

There are tons of videos on the internet showing what SB Mowing accomplishes with people’s yards and surroundings. This article highlights such accomplishments and provides other relevant information about this service provider. Read on!

The Beginning: Growing SB Mowing

Spencer B. is from Wichita and has been in lawn care for about 12 years, which includes running SB mowing. However, there was a starting point. He didn’t just become committed to spending some of his precious time helping others at no charge.

He started mowing lawns with his neighborhood friend in sixth grade. Back then, they would push their lawn mower down the street and knock on some doors until they got jobs to cut grass.

As a young entrepreneur, he kept mowing lawns and growing the company throughout high school and college. Thankfully, Spencer earned enough to help pay for his college. He would drive home to look after his client’s lawns on weekends.

Mowing Lawns for Free: What Kickstarted the Action

Spencer B. did not immediately start mowing lawns for free. About two years ago, he came across some lawn professionals in videos mowing lawns for free. He often asked them why they did it for free and thought it was cool that they would sacrifice their time for tedious tasks. That’s when the idea to start a YouTube channel was formed.

Spencer went out and tried the free lawn mowing experience. First, he bought a tripod for his iPhone to shoot the videos, and then he began knocking on the doors of homes whose yards looked like the homeowners could use a free hand.

It took some time, but after his first couple of YouTube videos, he got some responses and feedback online. Today, Spencer has amassed over 1 million followers on his YouTube channel.

SB mowing youtube channel

Making a Difference: Touching Lives

Spencer B. has always tried to make a difference in his native Kansas. He has consistently touched lives in this community with the help of a truck, a team, a lawn mower, and his most important asset – a big heart.

As the owner of SB Mowing, he runs the service alongside his heroic efforts on the streets. Whenever he sees a lawn badly needing care, he stops his truck, knocks on the door, and offers to care for the lawn at no cost. That includes lawn mowing, edging, and blowing residue from sidewalks and walkways.

Why do so for Free?

Spencer B. says he knocks on people’s doors because he recognizes a need. And when they say yes to his request to mow for free, someone cannot cut their lawn. He performs various tasks depending on what the yard or street needs.

If the homeowners or residents were to pay to mow their lawns, it would cost more than a few hundred dollars. In other cases, the city comes over to their homes and fines them on their property taxes, which can be a lot of money. The best alternative to these two scenarios is to let Spencer put a magic touch on their lawn.

spencer's team

The reactions

Most of the time, people say yes to the offer because they hardly have a choice. However, they’re usually grateful to see their yard and space beautiful and clean again.

According to Spencer, some homeowners get surprised at the new look; some even need clarification and imagine they’re in the wrong location. He explains to them that he makes YouTube videos of his works, including in their yard, and makes some money from the ads on his videos. So they don’t need to worry about paying because he wants to transform their yard for free.

The Hard Yards

Even Spencer knows that lawn care takes some hard work and time to finish. Some jobs take him several days to complete, but he knows that a clean lawn returns a sense of dignity to the people within the homes. Many people look at their homes after and drool over the whole thing, thanking Spencer for a wonderfully executed job.

Since the yard is the first thing homeowners see when looking out their window, a clean and fresh yard makes them feel good about themselves. Also, they’ll feel great about where they live.

Philanthropic Actions

Spencer B. is very much a philanthropist. On one occasion, a veteran was going through a rough patch, and a clean yard was the last thing on his mind. The SB Mowing team huddled up and did the veteran’s lawn. They didn’t end there; the team raised some money for him and got him back on his feet, raising $10,000 through a GoFundMe.

The veteran was happy and emotional about the whole thing. Overall, people are so thankful and genuinely shocked about how long SB Mowing takes to bring out a home’s impressive angles and curb appeal.

Other Income Streams

SB Mowing has a few revenue streams, including his regular business and merchandise from hags and T-shirts online. Also, he gets revenue from ads in his videos online SB Mowing also gets sponsorship from the lawn mower manufacturer Hustler Mowers. According to Spencer, the brand provided excellent mowers to cut the yards down.

Will Spencer Stop the Free Mowing Anytime Soon?

The young entrepreneur, who married his girlfriend over a year ago, will continue cutting lawns, improving yards, and touching lives. That’s what he hopes to do for the foreseeable future. This is his career, but he recognizes that working any lawn has its physical demands on his body.

He’s not stopping anytime soon, as more homes need his charm and tools. Not even a few angry homeowners will stop him from cleaning a walkway. Well, he’ll always ask first.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Company

While SB Mowing does much free work, it’s still a professional service. Here are some benefits of hiring such professionals to care for your lawn:

You Avoid Potential Damage

Accidents happen, and the risks of them occurring on your lawn increase drastically when you hire novices. Also, you’ll have a hard time doing some tasks yourself. As a homeowner, you can avoid accidents and severe damage on your lawn by hiring a professional.

Professionals like SB Mowing know your specific lawn care needs and understand how to meet them. Your lawn will be healthy and boost curb appeal.

Increased Home Value

Investing in a professional lawn care provider increases the value of your home. At some point, you might want to sell your property. You can do so when it’s all clean and surrounded by a fresh, healthy lawn.

Your lawn is one of the first things potential buyers observe. Ensure it gives off a good first impression across all seasons.

Final Words

Spencer B. and his lawn care company have been tremendous over the years. They have brought overwhelming value to different lives and properties. What he does is beyond gratifying, putting smiles on eager faces. His life and actions are worthy of emulation.

Now that you know more about SB Mowing, you can appreciate his efforts to change lives and restore lawns.

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