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The Top Lawn Mowing Apps That Work Like Uber

Yards and gardens are spaces that can provide succor and natural beauty when they’re properly looked after. However, many gardeners and homeowners need to take care of their lawns, especially when they’re not as equipped as professionals.

Lawn mowing is challenging, but you can search for top lawn mowing service providers to care for your lawn. You can do that via Uber-like lawn mowing apps.

With such apps, customers can easily enjoy top-notch mowing services whenever they request them. Here are some of the best lawn mowing apps that function like Uber.

Lawn Mowing Apps that Operate Like Uber

greenpal's website

1. GreenPal Lawn Care App

According to the creators of the GreenPal app, it was designed by lawn care pros to provide accessible mowing services to homeowners. You don’t need to go out and trim the yard yourself. Save your time and energy for other chores or activities around your home with experts doing the work for you.

It’s like ordering an Uber vehicle to get you across town, installing the app on your smartphone, and ordering a professional to mow your lawn. Moreover, the pros come with their tools, meaning you don’t have to own a mower or other equipment. After your lawn is cut to your specifications, you can pay and schedule another lawn appointment from the GreenPal application.

Boasting over 250,000 satisfied customers, GreenPal currently offers lawn mowing services in Tampa, Nashville, St. Petersburg, and Atlanta metro areas.

wemow lawn app

2. Wemow Lawn App

Wemow is another application to order and manage lawn services directly from your mobile device—no need to worry about calling, coordinating, or dealing with outdated billing methods. All of the necessary lawn mowing advice get scheduled from your device. That includes weekly/biweekly lawn mowing services, monthly maintenance and feedings, and a professional to tidy up the yard or garden.

Wemow adopts a subscription-based approach to lawn maintenance, allowing you to manage your lawn anytime easily. This way, you can attend to a busy schedule or focus on other activities you’ve lined up.

Wemow provides customizable service preferences and scheduling, in-app cancelations, rescheduling and service add-ons, and 24/7 live human support via phone or chat. Have you got weeds giving your yard a terrible look? Wemow professionals also offer effective weed control services.

plowz and mowz

3. Plowz and Mowz

Generally, the Plowz and Mowz app provides outdoor home services, including lawn mowing, snow plowing, leaf removal, gardening, yard cleanup, grass fertilization, etc. After starting the process with your phone, you can enjoy many other benefits from this Uber-like service.

Plowz and Mowz currently provide services covering over 59 cities within 29 US states. You can set up recurring services when you receive free price quotes, including choosing a contractor through the company’s app.


4. LawnStarter

LawnStarter is a proven marketplace designed to help homeowners hire professional landscapers for recurring maintenance and other projects. You can get it done if it involves grass, weeds, pests, and flowerbeds. However, it could be more conducive for on-demand projects.

Maintenance packages for this device based in Austin, Texas, includes mowing, edging, and blowing. LawnStarter uses public real estate data to calculate the size of your lawn before using it to generate a personalized quote. When you sign up for their recurring service, you can order beneficial specialty one-time services, such as fertilization, overseeding, aeration, and leaf removal, for an add-on fee.

Further, the LawnStarter Android app boasts licensed and insured lawn care providers, meaning you’ll have experts working on your yard. According to the company, vendors must maintain a minimum quality rating of 4.75/5 stars to remain on their platform.

lawnguru homepage

5. LawnGuru

The LawnGuru app is a referral marketplace for recurring and on-demand lawn care services. However, it doesn’t stop at lawn mowing services. It offers yard cleanup, mulching, weeding, sprinkler winterizing, seed aeration, junk removal, snow clearing, etc.

Currently, LawnGuru features on Google Play and iOS App Store. Also, you’ll find their services in 14 metro areas, including Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa, Houston, Cleveland, and Washington, DC.

Why is Uber-Like Lawn Mowing App Important?

Hiring a contractor or a popular street mowing vendor seems like the best option, but there are risks associated with such decisions. For example, poor workmanship and damage to your yard and property could occur. The pricing, scope of work, and availability are other things that can cause friction.

However, an app with a marketplace provides an excellent opportunity to hire someone to remedy issues and ensure the contract is performed accordingly. Also, lawn mowing apps are suited to help you during emergencies.

When you can’t finish the work, the apps provide urgent, time-sensitive help. Customers often dictate the pace, Whether for lawn mowing, weed control, or other related services.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mowing App

With the number of lawn mowing apps set to rise, choosing the best for your lawn will be challenging. However, the following tips will help you.

Know the Services Offered

Before using a lawn mowing app, you already know the service your yard needs. However, choosing one with links to a wide range of services is safe. Lawn mowing is the standard but other services like weed control, removal, fertilizing, and edging are part of the process.

Reviews From Previous Customers

Reviews are critical and help you understand what you’re getting, especially when they’re mostly positive. Many lawn-mowing apps have sections where users can comment on the services they paid for. For example, you can check out the reviews of GreenPal or LawnStarter before downloading and using the application.

Don’t stop at application reviews. Check out the reviews of specific services you request, like lawn mowing and weed removal.

Key Features

There are features a lawn mowing app must have. As a user, you’d want a smooth user interface and other features that make ordering a service more manageable. For example, a good app should have live chat features, a scheduling option, a review section, and the ability to accept or reject a service.

Coverage Area

Although some lawn mowing apps are ready to visit your location, some are out of state. That means you have to look up one near you. Thankfully, some apps need you to enable the GPS feature on your smartphone. When you do so, it’s easier to know whether they are near your home.

Clear Payment and Billing Options

You’ll pay your hard-earned money for the service, so clear payment and billing options help. The process should be hassle-free, with users able to save payment details for future transactions.


Maintaining a fresh, green, healthy lawn has always been challenging. At your instance and with an app on your smartphone, you can select proven experts to mow your lawn and provide other services. It can get stressful doing the job yourself. That’s why lawn mowing apps serve as intermediaries to quality lawn care.

Top options like the ones mentioned in this article carry services that will improve the appearance and quality of your yard. However, it is best to observe their services, key features that make them stand out, and customer reviews. That way, you learn about their capabilities before selecting the one that fits your needs.

Now that you know this, try out the best apps available at your location when you cannot mow or need an expert touch.

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