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4 Cheapest Lawn Care Providers for Seniors in 2023

For many homeowners in the United States, keeping the lawn lush and green for days and weeks at a stretch is a challenging experience. For seniors and older adults, it’s even more complicated, thanks to the nature of some of the tasks, such as lawn mowing and weeding.

Thankfully, there are a host of lawn care providers for seniors that offer quality services at affordable rates. These service providers make it easier for seniors to maintain their lawns, keeping them clean, well-cut, and fresh.

You’ve hit gold if you’re searching for such service providers. This article will point you to them, show you what they offer, and other relevant information to guide your choice.

What to Look for in a Lawn Care Provider for Seniors

When hiring a lawn care provider, check out their services and the perks seniors will enjoy. You need a good company out of the vast number of services in the industry. Below are characteristics you should watch out for.

They’re License and Insured

Being licensed and insured is non-negotiable. It’s fast becoming the critical standard in the industry, so why should you choose a company without these features? If a company is licensed and insured, you’ll know they’ll give everything they can to work for you. That includes being professional all through their contract with you.

A licensed and insured lawn care provider helps cover any risk associated with lawn mowing. You’ll be glad their insurance can cover potential damage to your lawn and property.

Reputation is Everything

Thanks to the internet, service providers hardly have room to hide. If their services don’t measure up to industry standards, reviews will show exactly that. You can check out their story and previous users’ reviews through their website or platforms like Yelp. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, you can decide accordingly.

Further, word of mouth works. Ask your neighbors about the lawn care provider they use. This is an excellent way to find good companies willing to satisfy you with a clean, professional mowing experience.

Genuine Customer Service

Good customer service is as essential as the service lawn care providers offer. What’s more, finding a service with genuine customer service interested in your queries is challenging. If it’s tough to get a quote, modify a service, and make basic inquiries, do not hire them, no matter how cheap they seem.

Good customer service shows the company is organized and willing to maintain a professional relationship. It also shows they’re eager to help customers get the best lawn service.

Reliability Counts

Some lawn care providers have a reputation for disappearing while on the job. For this reason, try to find out whether the company might ghost you, especially after paying them. It’s common for companies that lack the operational capacity to fold up. Avoid such companies and make tons of inquiries before hiring them for seniors.

A reliable lawn care provider won’t slack on your yard. They’re eager to meet your needs, regardless of your lawn’s challenge.

The Cost of Service

What you want is affordable lawn care for seniors, so the service cost must reflect a company willing to provide value at reasonable prices. Many companies are ready to help seniors keep a fresh, green lawn at a minimal cost. Watch out for those with good packages, including discounts and loyalty benefits.

Four Cheap Lawn Care Providers for Seniors in the United States

1. Eco-Gro Lawn Care

The Eco-Gro Lawncare lawn care provider is a locally owned and operated business with its office located in Windsor, Ontario.

The company focuses on creating a healthy outdoor living environment and incorporating the best lawn care service products. It mainly focuses on premium long-release fertilizer technologies and risk iron-based herbicides to achieve healthy and environmentally friendly lawns.

The company’s motto is healthy lawns, healthy lives, and a healthy planet. Along with those, it’s all about finding a friendly approach to lawn care. The company boasts Ministry of Environment-approved technicians to apply regulated herbicide and pesticide products on residential and commercial properties.

Their slow-release fertilizers contain low sulfur and very low phosphorus to reduce environmental concerns further. After mowing seniors’ lawns, customers can get a range of organic-based fertilizer products for their lawns. That includes bio-herbicides and pesticides to control specific broadleaf weeds and lawn-feeding insects. 

2. Thornton Township

Thornton Township is another affordable lawn care provider based in Illinois. It provides low-cost, essential lawn maintenance for senior residents in single-family homes who need help with routine lawn tasks. It does so via its HAP (Henyard Assistance Program) Senior Lawn Care. However, the HAP Senior Lawn Care program runs from May through October annually.

To qualify, senior residents age 65 years or older must meet the Benefit Access Application (BAA) income levels. Also, there should be no able-bodied person under 65 residing in their home eligible for the service. The lawns are mowed and trimmed weekly if the weather is clear.

The lawn size will determine the cost of this monthly service to the seniors. However, the services are affordable, and cost estimates will be provided before confirmation of the service schedule.

If you want to apply, senior residents must complete a lawn care program application via the Senior Services Department.

3. Affordable Senior Citizen Lawn Care

The Affordable Senior Citizen Lawn Care is based in Middletown, NJ. It has easy steps to request quotes about the services you want. For seniors, the service cost is reasonable, with this provider charging an average of $35-$45 per week to maintain their properties. This is fair because most of their senior customers have 80×100 yard sizes.

Affordable Senior Citizen Lawn Care is family-owned and prides itself on giving back to the community. They understand how things can be challenging for seniors, especially when performing basic yard maintenance. That’s why they offer affordable services, such as single fit, edging of curbs, weed whacking, blowing, etc.

You can call the company or check out their website for an honest, affordable estimate.  

4. Minnesota Seniors Lawn Care

Minnesota Lawn Care, based in Minnesota, are professionals that have the tools and capabilities to care for and maintain your lawn. They have quality services to make a senior’s yard the envy of your neighborhood!

Further, it is a nonprofit with a mission to innovate, sustain, and deliver services that meet the ever-changing needs of older adults and their caregivers. For example, they run a HOME program to provide help with indoor and outdoor chores like housekeeping, lawn care, and snow removal.

Minessota Seniors Lawn Care also offers Personal Technology Support & Coaching. Older adults and their families access appropriate, affordable lawn care services.

Final Words

Your lawn needs special attention, and working on your yard as a senior is more challenging. Even if you manage, you can only do so much. That’s where cheap lawn care providers for seniors help out. Thankfully, there’s a handful of such companies in the United States to help seniors enjoy a great lawn.

If you’re looking for a lawn care company for seniors, ensure you review the cost of service, their reliability, and other parameters before hiring them. They should be about caring for your grass and maintaining its fresh, green look.

Now that you know this, check out the outstanding services reviewed here. For the healthiest lawn, essential products and equipment are needed. Such tools and even chemicals can pose a health and safety risk if misused. Plus, lawn care is often an uphill task for seniors and older adults, hence the need for cheap lawn care providers.

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