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17 Lawn Mowing Memes That Will Brighten Your Day

If you’re a lawn enthusiast, a few things are better than scrolling through social media and seeing interesting lawn-mowing content. One of the most simple-to-understand and relatable forms of content on the internet today is memes.

People can make jokes out of anything if you’re familiar with the internet. Compiled here are some hilarious lawn-mowing memes on the internet.

1. Here we go, Superman!

Perhaps this homeowner was just trying to show off their lawn mowing artistry skills, but the pattern is pretty accurate and hilarious. Superman should visit them if he sees this.

2. A Natural Lawn Mower?

The goat could eat off your grasses to the best of its abilities. However, you should get a good mower from a top brand instead. We all would fancy an animal that could eat out our grasses to the correct height when we want it, but unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

3. Danger?

An unfortunate scenario of a burning push mower turns into a meme sensation. While the owner is probably thinking about the next mower to buy, this user thinks his mowing skills are fire! Avoid spilling gasoline on your mower if you don’t want your mowing skills to be fire.

4. Be Outstanding!

You misinterpreted the poor animal (I wish I knew its name). It’s just its way of acknowledging your impressive mowing skills. Come to think of it: the dog won’t roll on bushy grass because it loves perfection. Next time, you should make it better so it can get greener. Don’t forget to wash her up just like you should.

5. Let the neighbor do the needful!

The man is trying his best to maintain his property. Saturday is arguably the best time to mow the lawn, and it’s acceptable in most city ordinances. This user is simply making a mountain out of a mole hole. You could compromise with him to get an electric mower to reduce the noise.

Good luck convincing a 50-year-old to change a mower that they’ve gone to love. Wait, shouldn’t the sleepy human be taking care of their lawn?

6. Don’t incur her wrath!

It’s even bold of you to look at her face and tell her grass is grass! I’ll leave the grasses alone if I were you; there are just some lines you can’t cross.

7. Technology

Everyone would be honored to use this cordless hose. Imagine what we could do with technology if we could achieve a cordless hose now. An invisible lawn mower?

8. Date sealed

There are so many dating pic ideas out there, but this one might be the best of it all, at least for lawn enthusiasts. This man did his research and understood what ladies want; a handyman who can have fun. Nothing is more fun than doing what you love. It’s advisable not to try this at home because you may get more dates than you can handle.

9. Missing out a lot!

Zero-turn mowers are some classic and efficient machines: the Ferrari of lawnmowers. This user’s dad knows he’s missing, and he’s trying to make him see why he should get one. If you have another mower type that functions perfectly for your yard, you shouldn’t fix it if it isn’t broken, unless you want to look cooler.

10. Irresistible!

The poor animal has most likely tried to resist the urge until it becomes uncontrollable. It’s even eating the classic 54 Spectron; great taste if you ask me. While those in charge will most likely oust him, there are better ways to settle issues like this.

11. Doing the right thing at the wrong time.

Here’s a case of another user complaining about not getting sleep on a Saturday morning. Well, the dad in the white rebook never said you shouldn’t sleep if you can do so between the 90 decibels of a riding mower.

12. Oops!

Here’s a random homeowner who lost the grass battle. While the meme is hilarious, you shouldn’t let that happen to your lawn. The mower resembles a vintage Craftsman model; you could get a good deal!

13. I’d rather not be in a situation like that!

run out of gas

Arguably the greatest mood killer is running out of fuel in the middle of your mowing without having extra. You should adequately check on your machine before each mowing session to avoid this kind of situation. In the meantime, we hope the unlucky homeowner had an easy solution to their problem because that pose doesn’t look good!

14. Learned the hard way!

Here’s a homeowner who had to learn not to mow in the rain the hard way. Seriously mowing your lawn in the rain is one of the worst things you can do. It’ll expose it to fungi, resulting in uneven cut and mower traction issues, and you’d barely enjoyed the task with rain slamming on your head or mower. With all these negative consequences, it’s easy to see why this homeowner instantly regretted the experience.

15. I’m Albert Einstein!

It’s a perfect opportunity for this user to show off their scientific skills. Realistically, telling your friends what those numbers mean could make you seem like a scientist. In case you don’t know, the first number is the amount of Nitrogen (N); the second is the amount of Phosphate (P205); the third is the Potash (K20) concentration present in the fertilizer. Go to show off your newly acquired knowledge!

16. Innovative!

Come to think of it, while spending your money on a riding mower when you could make a bicycle-inspired one. You don’t need an extensive tutorial to make one of these. John Deere or Husqvarna got nothing on this one!

17. Nothing good comes easy!

No matter how passionate you are about your lawn, we can all agree that sometimes we don’t feel like it. However, it can be soothing when we achieve that perfect cut against all odds, and everything seems worth it again. Anyways, I trust this user will surely smile when he’s done giving that grass the cut it deserves. Or perhaps they need a riding mower?


These are some hilarious lawn care memes. Many lawn care memes exist, but these are some of the most hilarious. All these memes are nerve-wracking, from the Superman-inspired meme to the dad in the white Reeboks or bicycle-inspired lawn mower, all these memes are nerve-wracking.

You could read them to boost your spirit if you’re finding it difficult to get out of bed for that mowing job.

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